Product# 2
Size 1 1/4"-1 1/2"-2"
Pressure 450psi(30bar
Temperature 260c
Material GS-C25/GGG40
Application The TD steam traps are used on high pressure and temprature steam lines such as turbines and high pressure pumps and refineries and petrochemical plants and process lines and heat exchanger and so on.
Features The Td steam trap main parts are stainless steel. fast start of bimetal air venting.Hardened & ground working surfaces provide steam tight sealing (without air binding)and long life. Withstand to corrosion , wear , high pressure & temperature , freezing ,vibration and water hammer. Pressure adjusting free advantage. Built- in strainer for extended trouble - free service. In line replaceable & serviceable to lower the repair cost.
Certificates ANSI 16.1 -DIN 2501-BS

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