Product# 5
Size 1 1/2 "_2 1/2 "_3"_4"_2"
Pressure class 150 (250psi
Temperature 260c
Material WCB OR A105
Application In heating and cooling systems,for water, gasses, corrosive fluids such as acids alkalis .
Features 1)Easy Maintenance: The two-piece split-body whith a side-entry ball of this valve provides the convenience of very easy maintenance. 2)Bubble-Tight sealing Mechanism: Two rigid PTFE seats placed in valve body ,one on the upstream side and another on downstream side ,and also whith fluid pressure pushing of ball on opposite seat completely shut off the fluid flow . 3)Smooth Valve Operation Valve operation torque is minimized by use of low friction PTEE stem bearing ,thrust washer ,gland bushes and by fine finishing of ball surface and other sliding surfaces.
Certificates DIN 2501 _BS_ANSI 16.1

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